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    9 Things That Make People From Saskatchewan Cringe

    According to Cineplex Pre-Show host and Saskatoon native Tanner Zipchen.

    1. "Saskatche-wahn"

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    Tanner Zipchen: "People in Saskatchewan pronounce it 'Saskatche-win.' But everyone else is like, 'Saskatche-wahn.' It just sounds wrong when other people say it."

    2. "Saskatchewan? Is that close to Toronto?"

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    Tanner: "If you talk to someone outside of Canada and say you're from Saskatchewan, they always ask if it's near Toronto. 'How far from Toronto is that?' It's not even close."

    3. "Can you really see your dog running away for days?"

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    Tanner: "That's the big joke people say to people from Saskatchewan. But there are actually several ski hills in the province. OK, yes, a lot of it is flat. We just don't like to admit it."

    4. "How about them roads?"

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    Tanner: "Right now the roads in Saskatchewan are falling apart. Especially now because everything's melting. One winter I had to get three rims on my car straightened because the air came out of the tires because the rims got so bent from going over pot holes. It's a sensitive subject to a lot of people."

    5. "Cold enough for ya?"

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    Tanner: "In the winter in Saskatchewan, it gets to, like, -45 wind chill. It's freezing. It's such a cold, windy place. So when people joke, 'Cold enough for ya?' β€” ugh. It's so cold."

    6. "Saskatchewan? Like... Sasquatch?"

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    Tanner: "There was that news story when an NBA announcer joked that Sasquatch was from Saskatchewan. And people believed it! It actually spread. Oh man, Saskatchewan people were furious."

    7. "My allergies are acting up."

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    Tanner: "If you're not from Saskatchewan, you have no idea about allergies. It's the hub of snow mould and grain dust. Snow mould grows on the grass underneath the snow and then it comes into your house and you just are instantly stuffed up. And in the fall, it's major grain dust. Just a general, dusty haze for most of the year. December is the best month for allergies, but then it's cold. You have to choose between wind chill or allergies."

    8. "You should go to Ikea!"

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    Tanner: "It's, like, eight hours away! There's nowhere to go. Target was really big for a while, but it's gone now. The only place to buy furniture is The Brick and Leon's."

    9. And the worst thing you can say to someone from Saskatchewan: "Are you a Bombers fan?"

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    Tanner: "The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the Saskatchewan Roughriders' absolute rivals. Every year there's a Banjo Bowl β€” yes, it's a real thing β€” and the two teams play, and it's the most-watched thing in the province. If you accused someone from Saskatchewan of rooting for the Bombers, they would run you out of the province."

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