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22 Animals Who Might Be Kinda Broken

We're pretty sure they're not supposed to go like that.

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1. This cat who is about 75% legs.

dottiepalooza / Reddit / Via

2. This party girl who might have had too good a time.

PM-ME-YOUR / Reddit / Via

3. This stuck kitty who was probably very thirsty.

Gearsofhalowarfare / Reddit / Via

4. This mixed-up dog who was assembled without looking at the instructions.

Soulrebel84 / Reddit / Via

5. This exhausted guy who had a very long day.

6. This wide-eyed wonder who tried to blow a raspberry kiss.

7. This regretful guy who made a huge mistake.

(Don't worry; he's fine.)
darthnut / Reddit / Via

(Don't worry; he's fine.)

8. This pooch who doesn't understand how couches work.

9. This feline who just gave up halfway up the stairs.

DrNinjaTrox_21 / Reddit / Via

10. This pupper who thought this was the best way to sleep.

wengocerrones / Imgur / Via

11. This cat who is pretty sure his legs aren't supposed to go like that.

loopdeloops / Imgur / Via

12. This sleepy pupper whose tongue is trying to escape.

Wwarmblood / Imgur / Via

13. This cat who was stretched much too far.

14. This dog who honestly thought this was going to be comfortable.

zozozozozoz / Via

15. This flufferton who totally crashed and needs to be rebooted.

ohellophant / Reddit / Via

16. This little pug who ran out of batteries during a walk.

17. This cat who tried to sit like a human.

18. This reclining doggo who just wanted to take a nap.

ballgag_3 / Reddit / Via

19. This fluffy weirdo who honestly thought this was a good idea.

coffeeandscrabble / Reddit / Via

20. This worn-out corgi who has turned into a floor loaf.

21. This concerned fuzzball whose body shouldn't go like that.

22. And this fanged fella who made a face and it froze that way.

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