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22 Torturous Things OAC Grads Will Never Forget

AKA the Ontario Academic Credit, AKA Grade 13, AKA the Victory Lap.

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1. Most people under 30, or who live outside Ontario, have forgotten or never heard of OAC, but it was an important year of your life.

What is OAC? Teachers keep mentioning it.

Ohhhhhh man... @shadkmusic just said "OAC". Dear rest of Canada, that was Grade 13 in Ontario until 2003. And now I feel old.

Felt super old today talking about OAC (grade 13) and coworker responded with "you had OAC? I was in grade 3 when they got rid of it"


8. But it did mean that if you were born in the first half of the year, you turned 19 while still in high school.

I'm 19 years old... & a freshman (in high school) just asked me for my number.... Do I really look that young.. Or ..?😫🙄

19 and still in high school... 😢😂

If You 19 & Up And Still In High School Bitch Just Give Up 😂😂

But it wasn't out of the ordinary back then! REALLY!


11. One added bonus to the extra year of school: You could write your own excuse notes.


"Dear Whoever, I missed school because I wanted to, because I'm an adult who can legally make my own decisions now. Signed, Go Fuck Yourself."


13. And another bright side: It meant you were already the legal drinking age when you got to university.

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No fake IDs or driving to Quebec for you! (If drinking was the kind of thing you wanted to do, of course.)

14. The term "double cohort" might send you into a nervous panic.

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It refers to 2003, when OAC was eliminated, which meant there were two grades' worth of students applying to university instead of just one.

15. Especially when you survived the double cohort, got to university, and realized you were sharing a tiny dorm room with a billion people. / Via

(OK, maybe only three or four, but STILL.)


19. But you look at today's young university graduates with the same horror. / Via

No matter that they're really only a year younger than you were. They are still babies and not prepared for real life.