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28 Of The Most Ridiculously Cute Kittens Of 2016


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1. No matter what else happened this year, 2016 was a fantastic year for kittens.

jarstandaly / Via

2. Look. Just look at this tiny floof.

Khanzool / Via

3. Drink in those teensy baby blues.

ZainKhan1337 / Via

4. *ffffllllbbbbtttt*

ChrisEveritt / Via

5. This level of cuteness should be illegal.

Mittikens / Via

6. So little. So pure.

Aphranida / Via

7. Eyes the size of dinner plates!

Saraemilyb / Via

8. Making small bleps with their tongues.

demadred / Via

9. Absolutely purrfect.

ConnieC60 / Via

10. Kitten sass levels reached an all-time high this year!

Cyoulateralligator / Via

11. Even cute upside-down!

Jazzy10101 / Via

12. Kittens in 2016 are more photogenic than any of us could ever hope to be.

DubDubJinner / Via

13. I mean, really.

SunnySideScrambled / Via

14. Just small balls of fluff, begging for your love.

alliegoolrick1 / Via

15. OH, COME ON.

thomasboleyn / Via

16. You can barely believe this is real.

teaandsandals / Via


Wilhelm1050 / Via

18. Shhhh, don't wake the sleepy little guy.

Jenibriated / Via

19. Small kitteh, big ears, so you can confess all your secrets.

John_NoRelationWayne / Via


WomanDriverAboard / Via

21. The kittens of 2016 may be small, but they're majestic.

Omak7elwa / Via

22. And they really know how to pose.

Holyspider / Via

23. And how to stare right into your soul with absolute love.

JayDNR / Via

24. And this one looks like you just caught him doing something wrong — not that you'd care, with a face like that.

JoshSeidman / Via

25. Can you believe how lucky we are to have kittens in our lives?

BeerBrewin / Via

26. If nothing else, at least the last 12 months have brought us adorable faces like this one.

JaffaHaffa / Via

27. So thank you for all the brilliant cuteness you brought to us in 2016, kittens.

hobochick / Via

28. Hey, winks right back atcha, baby.

ToriAnne22 / Via

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