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21 Photos That'll Ruin Your Whole Goddamned Day


1. This wrecked bunch of bananas:

DoozerMarch / Via

2. These pencils that are complete traitors to the cause:

kiaha / Via

3. The infuriating alignment of these pictures:

NotKay / Via

4. This jerk of a label that covers the watering holes:

FattyDog / Via

5. This grammatical mess of a sign:

ramsaybitch / Via

6. This gruesome tube of toothpaste:


7. This butchered-up stick of butter:

oznuks / Via

8. This now completely useless fork:

austinjb555 / Via

9. This unsuccessful peel-away lid:

10. This frustratingly indecisive fashionista:

phattoes / Via

11. The brutal positioning of this stove element:

armafast / Via

12. This horribly misaligned wristband:

hawaiian_lab / Via

13. This anti-theft device that is apparently anti-literature:

DrButtholeAndCo / Via

14. This person who just let their earbuds rest on the dirty floor:

Woweewowow / Via

15. This seatbelt that may as well just be set on fire at this point:

BigPappaQ / Via

16. This one upside-down post that needs to get its shit together:

OmnisicentTexan / Via

17. This destroyed doughnut, taken from us far too soon:

TheSoulOfTheRose / Via

18. This upsetting loaf of bread that did not rise to the occasion:

therobbo91 / Via

19. This totally selfish vending machine:

IAmTheAlchemist / Via

20. This complete fiasco of a pizza:

BallinHonky / Via

21. And these tragic pizza slice–shaped plates that DON'T FIT TOGETHER TO MAKE AN ENTIRE PIZZA:

johnwickham / Via


NBC / Via

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