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    18 People Who Were Awkward As Heck But Lived To Tell The Tale

    "One time, this kid in my class sneezed and I said, 'Goodnight.'"

    1. This undeniable romantic:

    2. This hungry teen:

    3. This polite classmate:

    4. This enthusiastic partygoer:

    5. This affable swimmer:

    6. This experimenting chef:

    7. This unimpressed blonde:

    8. This panicked student:

    9. This young foodie:

    10. This eager learner:

    11. This discerning customer:

    12. This fashion expert:

    13. This poor, trapped soul:

    14. This clumsy fella, and his savior:

    15. This polite shopper:

    16. This nervous ladies' man:

    17. All of these garbled speakers:

    18. And this girl, who endured years of embarrassment but still survived:

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