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    10 Best Drag Rhythm Songs For Sex: A Playlist For Every Heartbreaker

    Does a song grip you on a primal level? It might have a sexy element known as drag rhythm. — drag rhythm noun \ˈdrag ˈri-thəm\: as far as you can drag out the beat before you lose the rhythm (drummer Darren Cole in the new adult romance Heartbreaker by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion) — and we know what heavy, primal rhythm is ideal for…

    1. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” - Def Leppard

    Africa Studio / Via

    Ummm…yeah. “Little miss innocent sugar me…”

    2. “Follow You Home” - Nickelback

    Cover Design by ©Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations / Image provided by Love N. Books / Photographer: Scott Hoover / Model: Hollis W. Chambers / Via

    “I’ll still follow you home…” Thank God. {exhales oh so slowly}

    3. “Jungle” - X Ambassadors with Jamie N Commons

    Nevada31 / Via

    “Won’t you follow me into the jungle…”

    4. “The Trouble With Love Is” - Kelly Clarkson

    Viorel Sima / Via

    Dialing it down a bit for some romance. “See, you’ve got no say at all…”

    5. The Stroke - Billy Squier

    PRILL / Via

    Stroke, stroke…”

    6. “I Wish It Would Rain Down” - Phil Collins

    Petrenko Andriy / Via

    “Now I wish it would rain down, down on me…” Mmm-hmmm

    7. “Stronger” - 30 Seconds to Mars

    Alina Cardiae Photography / Via

    “Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight…”

    Advanced: With all the complex rhythms, see if you can find the hidden drag.

    8. “Control” – Puddle of Mudd

    Kaspars Grinvalds / Via

    “I love the dirty things you do…”

    Listen carefully, another hidden drag…

    9. “Addicted” - Saving Abel

    Nina Buday / Via

    “Oh the sounds you make…”

    Yet another tricky—and sexy—one…

    10. “Hello” – Adele

    Rido / Via

    “Hello, it’s me…”

    Complex, deep, the genius Adele shows us drag isn’t only for drums…

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