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    Posted on Aug 10, 2013

    The Best Of Hilariously Awkward Nail Art

    Nail art has skyrocketed in popularity over the last year, and it's really hitting its creative stride. In a terrible way.

    Breaking Bad Nails / Via

    Your Anti-Drug.

    Labyrinth Nails / Via

    David Bowie couldn't even pull off this shit.

    Swiss Cheese Nails / Via

    The Holey Grail of crappy manicures.

    Swiss Army Knife Nails / Via

    Your only friends are winos, and even they are sort of disappointed in you.

    Compost Heap Nails / Via

    You are garbage and your fashion sense is garbage.

    Baby Nails / Via

    Guaranteed to make zero people want to impregnate you.

    Twilight Nails / Via

    Everyone at work is taking you super seriously right now.

    Machine Gun Manicure / Via

    Because TSA doesn't have enough to worry about.

    Helvetica Nails / Via

    Destroying something beautiful in the name of vanity.

    Ed Hardy Nails

    Dolla Bill Nails / Via

    Decreasing your net worth, one finger at a time.

    Grillin' Nails / Via

    In a lovely shade of steak.

    This trend is more popular than you'd think...

    And one more, for good measure.

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