katalina dosinopolis
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    • Response to Surviving "Django":
      katalina dosinopolis

      I also live in a rural town in the South but my cinema experience was MUCH different from yours. I only saw one other “white” couple in the entire theater. In addition, everyone (with emphasis on EVERYONE), laughed at the same moments and seemed to really enjoy the movie. I get the impression that you tend to project your inward feelings about racism onto other people rather than accept a narrative separate from the one you have constructed.

    • katalina dosinopolis

      At first, I read this as an article to ALL people that hate on LA but by the end of the article, I came to the conclusion that this was contrived from some East coast insecurity. If I were to think of the top complaint I would expect to hear about LA, it would be the cost of living is so outrageous. I see that isn’t on the list (even though “Everyone is way to chill” made the cut), but that sort of works with the West coast rivalry hypothesis and should probably be disregarded by us lowly few that live in the “middle of nowhere.”

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