People Are Trolling Matt Damon For His Role In "The Great Wall" By Thanking Him For Being Asian

“Matt Damon introduced me to boba #ThankYouMattDamon”

1. Matt Damon’s latest film, The Great Wall, was released yesterday. Ever since it was announced, a lot of people have been critical of the film for perpetuating a myth that people of color need to be saved by white people.

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2. Comedian Jenny Yang attended the film’s premiere last night, and afterward tweeted sarcastically to thank Damon for his role in saving the Chinese people in the film.

3. #ThankYouMattDamon soon began trending on Twitter, with people thanking the actor for saving China.

5. More and more people then started to thank Damon for, uh, well…

Matt Damon takes off his shoes -- and puts on slippers -- when he enters Your house. #ThankYouMattDamon

— Angry Asian Man (@angryasianman)

@jennyyangtv Matt Damon taught me how to steam and eat rice everyday. #thankyoumattdamon

— Lee Leong (@LTZCreative)

Matt Damon introduced me to boba #thankyoumattdamon https://t.co/rIdxIgjUUR

— Shanna Choung (@ShannAwesome)

Matt Damon is setting me up with all his friends children, especially the doctors and lawyers #ThankYouMattDamon

— Joyce Lin (@joyceclin)

10. They thanked him for being basically every Asian mom, dad, and grandparent.

Matt Damon once grunted in approval of my report card. It's my most treasured childhood memory #thankyoumattdamon

— Teresa Wang (@tewang32)

@jennyyangtv Matt Damon said he had to go to the bathroom, but really he paid the dinner bill.

— mick (@RicepirateMick)

Matt Damon double bags his kimchi and puts it in a second fridge #thankyoumattdamon

— Jarvis J Kim (@jarvisjkim)

@jennyyangtv matt damon wrapped all my remotes in saran wrap and hit me with a rice paddle until i turned 22 #thankyoumattdamon

— Carina Hsieh (@carinahsieh)

14. They called him and Scarlett Johansson – who stars in the much criticized upcoming remake of Ghost in the Shell – their favorite Asian couple…

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson are my favorite Asian couple. #ThankYouMattDamon

— Andrew Nguyen (@andrewnguyening)

15. And thanked him for his role in several famous movies.

"I've heard a great deal about you, Matt Damon" #ThankYouMattDamon

— jes tom🦄 (@jestom)

#ThankYouMattDamon for helping Indiana Jones navigate the Temple of Doom. #TheGreatWall

— Kristina Wong ❄️ (@mskristinawong)

17. They praised Damon’s dedication to bettering their lives…

Matt Damon immigrated to a country where he didn't know anyone or speak the language so I could have a better life #thankyoumattdamon

— Teresa Wang (@tewang32)

18. And knowledge of Chinese wisdom.

#ThankYouMattDamon for insisting I eat every grain of rice in my bowl b/c the residuals would become pockmarks on my future husband's face.

— Melissa Hung (@fluffysharp)

Matt Damon turns off the fan for me when I fall asleep, saving me from an untimely death. #ThankYouMattDamon

— Tony Choi (@tonykchoi)

20. Where would Asians be without him?

Ah, of course! How could I forget? Matt Damon trained Bruce Lee in kung fu. #thankyoumattdamon https://t.co/UxIkCQvCWR

— Ariana Zhang (@ArianaZhang)

@angryasianman I can't believe Matt Damon invented fireworks. #ThankYouMattDamon

— the Jungle VIP (@UrsusDerpus)

@jennyyangtv #ThankYouMattDamon for teaching me how to Asian squat

— WooJae Chung (@woojae_chung)

23. In short:

Every Chinese character tattoo actually says #ThankYouMattDamon

— J. Torres (@jtorrescomics)

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