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This Woman Pretended Her Dog Was A Baby And Snuck Her Into The Hospital To See Her Sick Grandma

"So heartwarming. I bet the dog was happier too."

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Hennick told BuzzFeed News that her mom had an idea to take Dona's dog, Patsy, in to see her. "I just happened to be passing my grandma's house when she called, so of course I was gonna do it," Hennick said.

Twitter: @HennickShelby

Pets are not generally allowed in hospitals because they pose a risk of infection for patients, but service animals are allowed.

Hennick wrapped Patsy in a blanket pretending she was a baby, and managed to sneak her into the hospital.

Twitter: @HennickShelby

Because the hospital staff remembered who they were, they just "walked by and waved at them" before heading into Dona's room, Hennick said.

"Patsy was quiet the whole time and actually kept licking my arm," she added.


Hennick said her grandmother initially thought she had brought in her sister's baby. When she put Patsy down on Dona's lap, Dona was very surprised.

Twitter: @HennickShelby

Hennick said her grandmother got Patsy almost 13 years ago, when Patsy was only a couple of weeks old and had to be bottle-fed. Hennick said a "pretty strong bond" has developed between the two.

"Patsy kept crying and couldn't get close enough," she said.


"I was really happy we were able to pull it off, and I'm sure it made her day," Hennick said. She added that Dona was doing better, and went home from the hospital on Monday night.

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