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New Zealand's Prime Minister Just Announced She's Having A Baby And People Are So Excited

"Hey world, this is what the future looks like."

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Ardern first shared the news on social media, saying that she will be "Prime Minister AND a mum" and that her partner, Clarke Gayford, will be a stay-at-home dad.

According to the press release, Ardern discovered she was pregnant on Oct. 13, while she was deep in coalition negotiations and less than a week before she formed a government.


Ardern and Gayford held a press conference on Friday outside their home in Auckland, where Ardern said she is "not the first woman to multitask."

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"I'm not the first woman to work and have a baby," she said. "I know these are special circumstances, but I know there are many women who have done this before I am."

Kiwis were so excited by the news.

me: I hate children jacinda ardern: I’m having a baby me: wow, I love the children,, you know I believe children a…

Terrific P.M. !

Good luck to any person or nation trying to cross a country with a BABY as a mascot. No one will ever touch us now #primebaby

They praised her for the way she worked through an intense time in her personal life.

Jacinda had an hour to decide to be leader. 54 days to campaign. Her Grandma died 3 days b4 the election. Found out…


Imagine being the PM and talking to your partner about announcing you're pregnant. "OK, so we need to tell our fa…

Jacinda Ardern has been pregnant the entire time she's been in office. She learned of pregnancy October 13. She bec…

And clapped back at those who were doubtful of her ability to run a country while she is pregnant.

I'd only listen to people critical of Jacinda Ardern's current situation if they've all done all three things of be…

"Is Jacinda Ardern fit to be leader of New Zealand while she is pregnant" ~ People in a country where the Prime Min…

I know nothing about @jacindaardern, but expect these are accurate answers to the 6 most FAQs: 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. N…

"Hey world, this is what the future looks like."

NZ’s prime minister is having a baby with a man she’s not married to and he’s going to be a stay at home dad while…

Talk about leaning in: New Zealand’s prime minister found out she was pregnant while involved in tough coalition ne…

2018: the year where a woman can be both Prime Minister and give birth to a child at the same time 💪

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