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People Are Tearing Up Over This Woman's Maternity Photo Featuring Her Deployed Husband

"This photo has me choking back tears."

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McMahon — who runs Jennifer Ariel Photography — told BuzzFeed News that she was heartbroken when she heard Phillips' story and decided to photoshop a picture of Brandon, which he had taken previously, with one of Veronica.


McMahon said the couple are very happy with the photos and that Veronica cried when "she saw how I was able to place Brandon's hand on her stomach."

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"This photo has already reached over a million people and I am so honored that my photo could do that," McMahon said.

"I know it's not even the best photo, but it's the story that it tells that means so much to people," she added.

Kassy Cho is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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