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After Her Granddad Passed Away, This Woman Was Shocked To Find Him On Google Street View

She said finding him on Google Street View meant a lot to her because her family didn't have a lot of photos of her granddad.

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"I couldn't stop crying when I saw him," Wu told BuzzFeed News. "I keep thinking about how I was just talking to him a few days ago, and how unreal everything feels."!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-MvhaSmw5AsUoHld5Z5tJw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

Wu said that she traced the route her granddad took daily on Google Street View to find the still of him, transporting vegetables and on his way to feed the family's ducks and chickens.

Wu then shared her story to a popular Taiwanese Facebook group, where it has received almost 10,000 likes.


"Granddad left us three days ago. Us grandchildren were searching for photos to make an album, so we thought maybe we would find him on Google Street View. I couldn't believe it, but there he was! Granddad was transporting vegetables to feed the chicken and ducks. My tear ducts aren't obeying orders anymore 😭," she wrote.

Wu said she did not have any photos with her grandfather, and that she hardly got to see him after moving to another city when she got married.

Jia Jia Wu

She said that he spent his days farming and looking after stray dogs, as well as riding his scooter around their hometown.

"My granddad loved me very much, and he loved my daughter very much too," she said.

Jia Jia Wu

Wu said she did not expect her post to go viral, adding that she has not yet read any of the responses because she was scared it would make her feel too sad.


Her story moved a lot of people to tears.


"My tear ducts also aren't obeying orders anymore."

It reminded people of their parents and grandparents.


"I can understand... My granddad passed away before the new year. I really miss him."

Others shared stories of when they, too, found loved ones who had passed away on Google Street View.


"I also saw my granddad, who passed away a long time ago, sitting in the garden smoking a cigarette on Google Street View before it was updated."


"My grandma passed away on Saturday... I also saw her sitting in front of our door on Google Street View..."

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