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24 Of The Most Important Things We Learnt From Bastille's Twitter Q&A

From "Hotline Bling", In-N-Out to a sneak preview of their second album, here's what we found out about these goofballs.

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1. Dan's favourite music video is "Hotline Bling".

@bastilledan What is your favorite music video? #AskBastille

Hotline Bling. #askbastille

Forget the Adele/Drake collab, make a Bastille/Drake collab happen. Pronto.

2. He has great taste in movies.

3. "Great" taste.

@bastilledan one film buff to another, what is your favourite movie of all time? #askbastille

Speed 2: Cruise Control #askbastille

4. Kyle's favourite superhero is Star-Lord, Will's is Spiderman and Woody is a sweetheart.

5. They love Dre.

#askbastille if you could listen to 1 album for the rest of your life, what album would you be listening to?

2001 by Dre #askbastille

6. Album 2 is sounding real good.

It'll be released next year.

7. And you can thank The Fugees for that.

@bastilledan what was the first album that you remember buying? #askbastille

The Score by Fugees #askbastille

8. The contents of their tour bus fridge is nothing short of amazing.

Who wouldn't want a slice of that "secret meat"?

9. They know what the best shows are on TV.

@bastilledan ur fav tv shows #askbastille

At the moment The Leftovers #askbastille

10. Will, especially.

11. They're super sassy.

#askbastille what do you do with bras thrown on stage?

Will wears them #askbastille

Pics or it didn't happen.

12. They're obsessed with sharks.

@bastilledan can you say the name of the ninth song of the album 2? #askbastille

Sharknado 6 #askbastille

13. Like actually obsessed.

What's your favorite app #askbastille

Kyle and will are surgically attached to Hungry Shark Evolution #askbastille

Should we be concerned?

14. Dan once ate a boiled duck embryo.

Dan, what's the weirdest thing youve eaten? #askbastille

"Balut" in The Phillipines. Google it... #askbastille

Video evidence here.

15. They appreciate the finer things in life.

.@SkyyWalkerr98 goes without saying #askbastille

16. They've definitely 100% got their priorities straight.

#askbastille if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would you eat

Crisps #askbastille

17. Kyle has the best T-shirt collection in the world.

18. But Dan needs new shoes.

19. And to work on his selfie game.

Someone teach the man how to use an iPhone.

20. They will help you name your cat.

21. And are perfect boyfriend material.

My mom said it wasn't nice that @bastilledan didn't answer my questions hahaha #askbastille

Apologies to her from us #askbastille

22. They support the LGBT community.

#askbastille #askbastille do you support the LGBT+ community? @bastilledan

Of course we do. #askbastille

23. And are humble AF.

#askbastille How do you feel that people have formed friendships because of you and your music?

That's one of the coolest things to have come out of our band existing that we never imagined #askbastille

24. And most importantly, this happened.

.@LauraV2011 Yosemite was incredible #askbastille

Thank you for blessing us with your presence, Bastille.

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