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19 Stunning Photos That You Won't Believe Were Taken In Taiwan

BRB booking a flight to Taiwan.

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Breathtaking photographs of Taiwan by a Thai photographer are making the rounds on social media in Asia.

Theerasak Saksritawee / Via Facebook: popumon

Theerasak Saksritawee, also known as Popumon, visited many of Taiwan's landmarks during his trip there from December 2015 to January 2016.

Through Saksritawee's lens, the small island primarily known for the Taipei 101 and bubble tea is transformed into a scenic wonderland.

Theerasak Saksritawee / Via Facebook: popumon

In a Facebook album titled "Lost in Taiwan", Saksritawee captures the diverse beauty of Taiwan through unique photographs of well-known scenic sites.

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