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    • kassip

      This article is an example of how ignorant and absentminded citizens can be these days. As ravers, apart of the EDM community, we have reasons behind these fashions.Aculture, if you even know what that means. These fashions are not to express how ‘classy’ or ‘wealthy’ you are (surprisingly enough, there is something going on in the world NOT based on these things) This fashion is meant to represent creativity, and bring people together! YA FACKIN DERP. As all of these well educated people alike have stated, DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU ACT LIKE YOUR OPINION MEANS ANYTHING. For you to take the time to actually obtain these pictures, compare them to something YOU FEEL is an adequate form of fashion(for the comparisons you have put into this article. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) AND come up with some smart ass uneducated remark about them really proves what kind of interests you have. Here isacrazy idea, how about you doalittle research (LIKEISAID) and maybe you would rather enjoy these events and learnalittle plur for yourself. As you are sitting here, wondering what plur is, im laughing at your ignorance and blatant lack of respect for others. Haveanice day! :)

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