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17 Things You Can Learn About Veganism From This 17 Year Old

Youthful youtuber Stella Rae teaches us everything you ever needed to know about being vegan.

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1. How to begin a vegan lifestyle / Via

"My number one tip would be to educate yourself on veganism and how it's beneficial to your health, to the planet, to everything."

2. Essential vegan foods / Via

"Everyone thinks because I'm vegan I only eat like, grass."

3. What changes you might experience once you go vegan / Via

"Just all of these wonderful things."

4. How to lose weight as a vegan / Via

"It's not about calorie restricting, but it is just like what is going to keep you the most satisfied."

5. How to grocery shop / Via

"It's better to buy them in bulk, but sometimes you just have to live your life."

6. How to respond to things meat eaters say / Via

"Veganism is about abundance, and it's about compassion, and love and empathy. It's like why would you not want to do that?"

7. How to make vegan ice cream / Via

"Add however much you want it doesn't matter."

8. How to work out as a vegan / Via

"It's a common misconception that vegans don't get enough protein."

9. How to make vegan sushi / Via

"You can really put whatever you want in it, as long as it's vegan."

10. Vegan beauty secrets / Via

"It's like lavender and all of your dreams come true."

11. The benefits of a raw vegan diet / Via

"Don't think that you have to eat raw, or that you have to eat mostly fruit to be vegan. As long as you're vegan, that's all that matters."

12. Vegan school lunch ideas / Via

"Make cute wraps with beans, rice, veggies."

13. How to convince your friends to become vegan / Via

"It's one thing to say it, but it's another thing to live it."

14. What vegan supplements you might need / Via

"I've been taking this D3 just because in Washington it's been so gray, and I also take liquid B12."

15. How to stay on track when craving meat / Via

"The main reason you're craving animal products is because you're not getting enough calories from vegan foods."

16. The worst things about being vegan / Via

"Don't let the opinion of other people, or the approval of other people, or whatever determine whether or not you become vegan,"

17. How to react to vegan hate comments / Via

"Somebody is feeling a little undercarbed."

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