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Which Susan Are You

sUsAn?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! wHiCh OnE aRe YoU

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  1. what are you doing on a Saturday night?

    watching lost with my dogs
    getting picked up by whoever todays hu is
    not driving
    driving if we arent using too many miles
    hosting.. but NOT A POOL PARTY
  2. What's in your lunch?

    bagels bagels bagels
    sourdough with turkey and mustard
    not hungry but maybe peanut butter
    shitty soup from OUAG
    no chocolate, carbs, grains, dairy or any processed food
  3. What are you wearing right now?

    tulane sweatshirt
    white on black
    the hu levis
    tied shirt
    not a bra
  4. Who was your latest hook up?

    df... there may be two of them
    id rather not talk about it
    vape god
    new boyfriend
    THE guy
    wont snap me back
  5. What are you doing this summer?

    trying to get a stable job
    walking on 22
    bus staff!
  6. How many shots are you taking?

    i dont wanna be DD but since i have to none
    stop me at three (but like 7 lol)
    im russian bitch. never stopping
    as long as its amsterdam mango idk
    enough to get me FucKED UP. so like 1
    two handles, three edibles and some juul.
  7. Favorite feature?

    my stye
    my uneven eyelids
    my noSE
    my skin color
    my blonde eyebrows
    my bloatation
  8. Dream guy

    joey white
    a dylan abt level guy
    miles gottesman humor
    taller than me
    christian akridge/davies
  9. How do you text?

    im jstu a gied spekkler
    why are you ignoring me?!?!?!?!
    in paragraphs
    LiKe ThIs
  10. Describe yourself

    the short one
    the whore
    the stick bug
    the constipated one
    the FOMO one
    the party animal!

Which Susan Are You

You got: The Mom sUsAn: Abby Fleishman

if you got abby, youre a milf who low-key (not so low key) cheats on her husband all the time. you tweak 24/7, never stop asking about the adidas shirt and WILL NEVER stop talking about the time gabe deli drove your car. #blasé you're list has come up from JF to JK so good job but thats not quite a DA or CW.... youre a mom though and give good advice when you arent ignored in the group chat. keep telling us how lily's prettier than you because eventually we might believe it.

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You got: The Dramatic sUsAn: Nicole Cherny

the tana mongoose of the friend group. the only one actually willing to do a drunk hu-- oh nO TWO drunk hus. sorry you cant get a belly button piercing cause theyre only for blonde tan southern girls. non-stop dms from race natta, what happens in the hot tub STays in the hot tub. except the piece of cement that fell off the hot tub cause well... "are you having people over?" is a weekly text you receive from 42 unknown phone numbers. lumen is looking good and ready for round 2. stay loud, kid.

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You got: The Moody sUsAn: Paige Dean

if you got paige, amputate all your limbs IMMEDIATELY. a peg leg is better than those fucking frog man feet. you never say no to a spoonful of peanut butter, or a tall footballer asian guy. your headaches make you cry, and country music makes you thrive. scott dean = paige dean. yo who was a better kisser on the fourth? or does josh bay just kick them all out of the running? 3 minutes and 34 seconds. speaking of bay, menchies or loves? MeNcHiEs!!!!! if you got paige on a good day, great. a bad day? good luck

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You got: The Bossy sUsAn: Lucy Kaskel

If you got Lucy, it's your way or the highway. You need to realize that Spencer James isn't coming for you, and we don't give a fuck about your hair. For some reason you won't eat vegetables...especially korn! We never miss out on your life because we are updated on your GPA and college applications via finsta and text daily. We get it, you got into Texas already. You want a man on a bike, can you guess who? NoAh CaNeL?! This result will probably end up on finsta some way some how, just like everything else. Maybe you'll keep on growing and one day you'll finally move into the Hazel House.

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You got: The Confused sUsAn: Taylor Edelchik

If you got Taylor, you say your'e gonna eat healthy and end up scarfing 4 bagels in 20 minutes. But don't be alarmed it doesn't affect your body AT ALL. You started from the bottom with JM and some how made it to the top with his cousin, no longer the next BP!!! Skin problems? No longer! "im not wearing any makeup". we like going to jedels better than going to tedels. we like jacob better than you. Snowflakes on the ground? FuCk YeAh! Your blonde ass eyebrows have got to go and the blonde hairs are migrating to the top of your lip. Shotgunning is just not your forte. Before we end this off we've got to ask, who the fuck says no to Jack Kramer?????

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You got: The Mexican sUsAn: Ruby Crawford

if you got ruby make sure you go print out an article about eating paleo ASAP. cAvEmAn DiEt. hardest decision in your life right now is choosing between sams... biggest regret is going to michigan and missing the littest week with jedel and crew. you have a list but you also dont give a fuck about it because you still have no one to hu with?????? youre the minority of the group, cLeArLY from northhood and you live in the most DANGEROUS parts of highwood. the biggest hassles in your life is dealing with Larissa and HuGh!!! youre so mexican you didnt even know you were really that mexican until you found out you were.

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