15 Reasons Why "Swarm" Will Have You Hooked From Beginning To End

    You're favorite artist isn't up for debate!

    Swarm is a MUST watch!

    Dominique Fishback, Donald Glover, Chloe Bailey, Janine Nabers, Damson Idris, Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon and MGM Studios, Sue Kroll, Head of Marketing, Amazon and MGM Studios, and Vernon Sanders,

    1. The show features a pop star, a pop star's protégé, and the child of a pop star.

    2. #THAT scene with Damson Idris

    Damson Idris naked in a "Swarm" scene

    3. Dre's reaction to #THAT scene


    4. Dominique Fishback's acting has me obsessed

    Dre crying

    5. The Beyoncé references

    6. Loretta Greene!

    Loretta Greene

    7. The dramatic editing style and cinematography were visually beautiful

    Dre meeting her girlfriend family

    8. The sound of the buzzing bees


    9. The series also served serious Atlanta vibes, which made me love it even more

    Andrea Greene

    10. The stan culture read


    11. The satire is unmatched

    Dre at the club

    12. REAL horror-thrillers still exist and this is proof


    13. Billie Eilish makes her official acting debut and kills it (no pun intended)

    Billie Eilish in her acting debut

    14. The fusing of Marissa and Ni’Jah


    15. And lastly, the ambiguous ending leaves room for conversation and a possible Season 2

    Dre going on the stage

    Okay, now I want to hear what you thought of Swarm! How would you rate it? Let me know in the comments!

    Swarm is currently streaming on Prime Video.