Rue’s Best And Worst Moments On "Euphoria"

    2024 need to hurry up!

    Rue Bennett is one of the most complex TV characters we have ever seen on HBO. Rue has been through a hell of a life in her teenage years, including the trauma of losing her dad while being diagnosed as bipolar and having ADHD.

    1. WORST: Rue taking a suitcase of drugs worth $10,000

    2. BEST: Rue Causing Chaos by telling Maddie about Cassie/Nate Sneaky Links

    3. WORST: Rue ruining her friendship is Fez

    4. BEST: Rue being a supportive bestie at Lexi’s Play

    5. WORST: Causing Gia to cry every episode.

    6. BEST: Rue Narration

    7. WORST: Rue’s Narration

    8. BEST: Rue grilling Troy by referencing The Wire

    9. WORST: Rue heartbreaking scene with Mr. Ali.

    10. BEST: Rue apologizing to Mr. Ali

    11. WORST: The teacher has Rue go on stage to give a summer memory.

    12. BEST: Rue and Jules in the carnival episode!

    13. WORST: Meeting Elliot.

    14. BEST: Rue Hatred for Nate Jacobs is on 10!

    15. WORST: Rue threatens her mother with a broken mirror piece.

    16. BEST: She’s a Runner, she’s a track star!

    17. WORST: Rue having to sit down to hear Elliot sing

    18. BEST: Rue looking like her doppelganger Zendaya slaying at the Winter Formal

    19. WORST: Rue Relapse

    20. BEST: Rue not doubling back with Jules


    Any moments I missed? Or did I nail it? Comment your thoughts or I'm inclined to believe you are a hater.