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    10 Brands That Actually Practice The Inclusivity They Preach

    Inclusive > exclusive.

    The fashion industry has been known for decades as being so elitist that inclusivity has been on the back burner. Over the past few years, however, the industry has started to shift in a new direction.

    Rihanna at a Fashion Shoot

    I want to highlight 10 brands that are preaching inclusivity and practicing it as well:

    1. Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin

    2. American Eagle

    Aerie model

    3. Haus Laboratories

    lady gaga with makeup artists

    4. Parade

    5. Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty

    jessica alba

    6. Girl with Curves

    7. Pharrell Williams' Humanrace

    Pharrell smiling

    8. Adidas

    a model in Adidas

    9. Alicia Keys' Keys SoulCare

    10. Target

    Target website

    Are there any brands that should have been added?

    Whether for good or bad, let me know in the comments what should have been added.