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Here's A Simple Juneteenth Explainer For Those Who May Have Some Questions

Juneteenth is a monumental moment in Black history, not an ice cream flavor!

I know that 4th of July is around the corner, but to me the Independence Day I recognize is Juneteenth!

What is Juneteenth?

The Gag!

When was slavery formally abolished in the US?

What did the formerly enslaved people do now that they were free?

Where does the name of the holiday come from?

When did it become recognized as a holiday?

How do you celebrate Juneteenth?

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Parades, barbecue picnics, rodeos, worship services, and outdoor activities are all suitable ways.

But I ask one thing: Teach your kids, elders, and friends about Juneteenth before you celebrate the holiday. Share this link or search it on YouTube. The holiday is a celebration of the resiliency of the Black community, not just another day you have off from your 9–5.

What ways are you celebrating Juneteenth?

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