10 Storylines From "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" I'd Love To See Revisited In "Bel-Air"

    Pool hall hustlin' Uncle Phil was a G!

    Let's Run These Back!

    The Banks Family

    1. Where's Trevor?

    Trevor and Hilary

    2. Will Taking A Bullet For Carlton

    Will asking Carlton for the gun

    3. Carlton's Dance

    Carlton dancing

    4. Aunt Viv's Dance Moment

    Aunt Viv going ham for her 40th

    5. Uncle Phil Hustles The Hustler

    Uncle Phil Hustles The Hustlers

    6. Carlton Spends 72 Hours In Compton

    Carlton playing as a Compton GANGSTER

    7. Uncle Phil and His Mom

    Uncle Phil talks to his mom, Hattie

    8. Will and Carlton in College

    Will and Carlton"pledging"

    9. One Little Fight

    Will Smith and his enemy.

    10. Will and Lisa In Therapy

    Will and Mr. Jefferson

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    Bel-Air Season 2 is off to a strong start, Y'all make sure to catch up when you can.