26 Clever Costumes For People Who Use Wheelchairs

    The champions have been declared. Everyone can go home now.

    1. This Batmobile.

    2. This little builder.

    Wasn't he adorable for Halloween? #wheelchairkids #Halloween #wheelchaircostume

    3. This Toothless warrior.

    4. This little mermaid.

    5. This little firefighter.

    6. This crash test smarty.

    @TheEllenShow car trouble on Halloween and waited on AAA while in this costume. #crashtestdummy #wheelchaircostume

    7. This Ghostbuster.

    8. This Flintstone.

    9. This Dory.

    10. This adorable air balloon.

    11. This DJ.

    12. This pirate.

    13. This R2D2.

    Wheelchair R2D2 costume is the best R2D2 costume. #HalloweenOnWheels #Disability

    14. This Mad Hatter.

    15. This shark attack.

    16. This dragster.

    #wheelchairwednesday Check out one of our wheelchair recipients, Owen, in his dragster and firesuit costume!

    18. This toy box.

    19. This little swamp airboat.

    #wheelchair #Halloween #wheelchairhalloween #spinabifida #airboat #swamp #GatorNation

    20. This Curiosity rover.

    @Cmdr_Hadfield I hope this quailfies! My son's wheelchair costume - Mini Bobak, and Mars Rover Curiosity!

    21. This little Viking.

    22. This wrestler.

    @reymysterio my son Christoffer who has CP is a huge fan.For Halloween, I made his wheelchair into the ring.God Bless

    23. This tiny hockey player.

    @CanadiensMTL we made my son a wheelchair costume this year for Halloween. He's in for a penalty :)

    24. This Millennium Falcon.

    Wheelchair Millennium Falcon Halloween Costume we built! @starwars

    25. This little Thomas.

    My baby cousin that's in a wheelchair is a train for Halloween & if that doesn't make you smile idk

    26. This news team.