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18 Ways School Ruined Your Adulthood

What do you mean there's no extra credit?

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1. You miss having distinct and frequent feedback on your work.

Welcome to being an adult, land of always wondering if you're going to get fired.

2. And reward stickers.

Where did all of those gold stars go?!

3. You somehow have adult homework.

And you thought assignments would be a thing of the past.

4. But you can't slack off because your salary depends on it.

And, you know, you have to support other people.

5. You have nothing to show your parents like in the days of yore.

Do they make bumper stickers for moving back in with them?

6. You don't feel a wash of relief when bells ring anymore.

And you miss the kid who zipped up his backpack a few minutes before class, causing a mass exodus before class was even over. (Unless, of course, you're a teacher.)

7. Your mandatory parties just aren't the same.

Chances of fun are significantly slimmer.

8. Your friends aren't all a few feet away anymore.

Even if they were stinky, they were your friend.

9. There's no more recess.

Unless you consider inhaling everyone standing outside's secondhand smoke.

10. You don't use most of the stuff you learned anymore.

Your TI-84 is in calculator heaven now (or propping up a crooked table somewhere in your house).

11. When you have to do math, you still suck at even the most basic things.

Probably because you ate your ratios instead of studying them.

12. Messing up something as easy as calculating tip is more shameful when you're older.

Oh, that crimson? That's my shame creeping up my neck.

13. You still have the occasional desire to highlight things.

This bill will do, I suppose.

14. There aren't movie days at work.

Slogging through the day was made at least a little bit easier with the occasional technical difficulties.

15. You miss the sweet smells of fresh school supplies and the feel of a new crayon.

Now buying things is just called "errands" or "groceries."

16. Especially cool erasers!

Adulthood just uses fewer pencils. :(

17. You also constantly feel pressure to make your life worthwhile.

And not just be a garbage person.

18. At least being an adult means you can do whatever you want.

Like what really matters in life: making sweet mouth love to pizza for all three meals in one day while not wearing any pants.

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