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    9 Adorable Water Bear Products You Didn't Know Existed

    For those who need a tiny reminder to be resilient.

    If you've never seen a tardigrade before, you are in for a treat.

    1. This 3D-printed desk mate.

    Which come in oodles of colors — even 14K solid gold, if you're nasty.

    2. This wireframe bottle opener.

    3. These shot or pint glasses.

    Tardigrades are incredibly resilient: A few survived being shuttled into the oxygen-deprived vacuum of space and left outside in sub-zero temperature for 10 days. The hangover you're about to give yourself is nothing compared to that!

    4. These stuffed bears.

    5. Or this one.

    Also stuffed, but without the pleading eyes to please not send it into space again.

    6. This little cross stitch.

    7. This Captain Tardigrade.

    8. This felted friend.

    Made of wool for nights where you need some extra warmth, since this guy doesn't need any.

    9. And this majestic print.