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27 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained Life Using Science

"I manage to turn everything into crap." "Yes that’s called digestion."

1. When they calmly answered our most pressing questions.

2. When they showed you that the answer had been in front of you all along.

3. When they used physics to explain why you have insomnia.

4. When they got penalized for dropping knowledge.

5. And questioned results like proper scientists.

6. When they aptly named this rare breed after a late-1990s hit.

7. And shed insight into why bears love foraging camp sites.

8. When panic ensued during this meeting of minds.

9. The time they used puns to explain chemistry.

10. When they doled out quality parenting.

11. When their lab accepted its destiny.

12. When they pointed out that butts are the great equalizer.

13. When they pointed out that not all research has to be solemn.

14. When they revealed the components of a music genre.

15. When they reminded us that humans are actually quite progressive.

16. When they corrected all of the things.

17. And showed us how dinosaurs really perished.

18. When they had this epiphany.

19. When they used the Magic School Bus kids to model the proper way to not panic.

20. When they shared this profound shower thought.

21. And explained the real reason they donate to the Red Cross.

22. When they put on their sassypants.

23. And shut down this shade with one word.

24. When they taught you that this was neither turtle nor tortoise.

25. When they were willing to accept even the smallest of challenges.

26. And make you look at people around you differently.

27. Really differently.