18 Times Tumblr Nailed The Stages Of True Love

    Sometimes all it takes is a potato.

    1. Love often starts with something small or inconspicuous.

    2. Or a sexy part of human anatomy.

    3. Other times all you need is a word.

    4. When in doubt, craft a beautiful poem they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

    5. Be sure to make your dates creative.

    6. And take them somewhere you can actually talk and connect.

    7. Once you're an item, you'll wonder where they were your whole life.

    8. After some time, you'll develop adorable nicknames for one another.

    9. So adorable, you'll make everyone around you nauseous.

    10. Sometimes they'll even seem like fate.

    11. You'll start to see everything around you in a new light.

    12. Regardless of the state you're in.

    13. Love knows no limits.

    14. And eats boundaries for breakfast.

    15. And inspires those around you to be more like you.

    16. When you feel it, you'll want to declare it to the world.

    17. Even if it's a different tune than you expected.

    18. And if you're ever feeling alone, remember your One True Love.