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    Nov 11, 2014

    This Is What's Inside A Mars Survival Kit

    A Mars One candidate showed a glimpse into astronaut life on The Real. Adult diaper FTW.

    Lt. Heidi Beemer, 25, stopped by talk show The Real last week to talk about her candidacy for the Mars One mission.

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    The Mars One mission is to build a human settlement on Mars. The non-profit has narrowed down the candidates to about 700 and plans to select a crew by 2015, then train them until the first crew launch in 2024.

    She brought the hosts some astronaut food.

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    The trek takes about seven months, and the only thing people aboard will have to eat is freeze-dried or packaged.

    And some tighty whities — the other kind.

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    Astronauts' many layers include thermal underwear and a maximum absorbency garment, or more widely known as a diaper.

    And last but not least, astronaut showers (aka moist towelettes).

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    The trip is one-way, so candidates give up showers as they know it on Earth. At least they're flushable!

    Watch the full clip below.

    View this video on YouTube

    Read more about Mars One and Lt. Beemer here.

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