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12 Egg Experiments Every Young Scientist Needs To Try

If coloring Easter eggs isn't your thing.

1. Make the eggshell disappear to create a naked egg.

2. Then bounce it!

3. Shrink your naked egg and plump it back up!

After a full day in corn syrup, your egg will look like a gross shriveled version of itself. Plop it back into water and observe it for another day. You'll see it grow as the water passes through its membrane again, and for bonus fun, use a dye.

Watch this explanatory video from the Sci Guys (or get a written version here).

4. Watch an egg squeeze itself into a bottle.

5. Grow some crystal geodes.

6. Help one stay afloat.

7. Shape-shift some hard-boiled eggs into cubes.

Eggs are about 10% protein, which allows you to reshape them with some light finagling. Learn about weak bonds and coagulation with Science Buddies at Scientific American.

8. Make a glowing rubber egg.

9. Literally walk on eggshells.

10. Make a colorful volcano.

11. Drop them.

12. Smash them!