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13 Things You Didn't Know About Lust

There's science behind your pining. And science really wants you to get it on.

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1. Your brain can't stop going "awooga!"

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Being turned on is distracting stuff. While your sex drive encourages you to get busy with a range of people, having a crush diverts your energy to win that person over. You can feel possessive and obsessive, and you can't stop fantasizing about them long enough to reel your eyeballs back in.

2. It makes sex less disgusting.

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As hot as sex is, there’s a reason you don’t want to sleep in the wet spot. It’s a perfect storm of things that usually elicit protective disgust: saliva, sweat, semen, lady juice, and body odor.

Luckily, you're equipped not to care: Arousal dulls your natural response to disgusting things. So you can have all the gross sex you want!

3. It can even make sweat sexy.

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When your heart races around your love interest, your skin can get a little moist and your palms a little gross.

But men, rest easy: Chemicals in your sweat can actually turn ladies on moreand improve their mood. (Bonus: It's more reason to not buy Axe.)

4. It makes you blush.

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Feeling hot and bothered (and maybe twiddling your beard)? Being turned on is involuntary and diverts bloodflow to your private bits. There’s also a rush of blood to your head, which is why you feel so flushed around that pile of cutiepants.

5. You feel more awake.

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Lust is like natural caffeine: Adrenaline pumps you up, which might explain why you can’t get to sleep when you’re fantasizing about sex. It’s also probably how Boyz II Men could make love to you all night long. (Wouldn't that get tiresome? Asking for a friend.)

6. Making out helps you find the right person.

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You and your boo in the coupe are lip locking, but it's not just to get busy: Kissing can also help suss out potential mates, even if it's just for the night. When your saliva mingles, it's transmitting all sorts of sensory chemical information like smell and taste that let you know whether you'll want to make out with that person again.

7. And men attempt tonsil hockey for a reason.

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Since their sensory receptors are more dulled than women's, that open-mouthed kiss and subsequent saliva exchange might help a guy read all your sexy chemicals.

8. Like that you’re ovulating.

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Women’s saliva and breath odors change during their menstrual cycle, which means it’s possible to detect that subtlety with kissing.

9. Men can really tell when you’re ovulating.

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Men ranked shirts worn by ovulating women as smelling the most pleasantand had higher testosterone levels, which are crucial for sexual desire, after the sniff fest.

10. Because really, we get turned on for one reason: propagating the species.

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Mother Nature likes to nudge you to keep getting physical, especially when women ovulate (i.e. prime baby-making time), not unlike a ghost voyeuristic creep. Because evolutionarily, we're primed to want to get busy. Like real busy.

11. And once you have sex, you want to have more.

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Sex can raise testosterone levels in both men and ladies, so the more you have it, the lustier you're going to be.

12. And while women's arousal is more subtle, men's, well, isn't.

Ever wonder what’s responsible for your boner? The short answer: Nitric oxide, which gets released when men are sexually stimulated. (Stow that little fact away in case you're on Jeopardy.)

13. Unlike other animals, you can feel sexy whenever you want.

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Whereas animals have hormonal cycles and become “in heat” to display sexual interest, you’re unique in that you’re capable of conveying sexual interest whenever you want. So flirt it up, Flirtmaster Flex.

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