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    The Brontës Made Tiny Books As Children

    And they are as creative as they are adorable.

    Charlotte and Patrick Branwell Brontë assembled tiny books when they were little.

    Stitched together using printed scrap paper and leaves, they measure an elfin 2.5 by 5 centimeters.

    Charlotte, who later authored Jane Eyre, wrote six, and Branwell, a future painter and poet, penned three.

    Miniature books that their sisters Emily and Anne created sadly didn't survive.

    Charlotte occasionally used the pseudonym Lord Charles Wellesley.

    Hers are crafted with a steadier hand, neatly using embroidery thread.

    Branwell's construction was a little hastier, as is evidenced with the stab-sewn binding made of thicker linen yarn.

    Harvard College Library's Houghton Library repaired and digitized the juvenilia.

    Though carefully stored, the delicate books required surgical instruments to repair the damage.

    Pretty adorable.

    View the entire collection at Harvard's online guide.