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    16 Simple Pleasures That Make You Tingle

    Because "comments disabled" is the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

    1. Getting tickets for a show in the mail.

    2. A song ending right when you pull up to your home.

    Paramount / Via

    ♫ "Any way the wind blooooooows." ♫ (long satisfied sigh)

    3. Not seeing comments after a video or article.

    Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed / Via

    Hear that? It's the sweet sound of nothing.

    4. Finding cash in your pockets.

    5. Finding out what you’re buying is on bigger sale than you thought.


    It's how much? Or should I little? 😏

    6. Getting a plane aisle all to yourself.

    7. The smack of a perfect high five.


    Congratulations on not crumbling when faced with the social pressure of perfect hand-eye coordination.

    8. When a pregnant woman gets on the train and four people stand up.

    9. When you wrap a present and the paper pattern lines up where you tape it.

    10. When someone tops your glass off more than everyone else's.


    Oops! Well guess I have to drink it now.

    11. Realizing your dress has pockets.

    12. Rapping a verse perfectly.

    Sir Prise / Via

    No one has to know it took 978 listens to sound that good.

    13. Guessing an answer during pub trivia and miraculously getting it right.


    Welp, pulled that one out of my butt.

    14. Successfully peeling an entire apple's skin in one long strip.

    What do you mean, why is "Can apply the perfect amount of uniform pressure when faced with hunger" under skills on my résumé?

    15. Knowing the actor when everyone else is blanking.


    "You know, that guy in that one movie? He was also in that other movie?" "Why yes, I know exactly who you're talking about."

    16. Seeing this holy grail of inbox achievements.

    Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed / Via Gmail

    It might be a once-in-a-lifetime event and last for one to five minutes, but damn it feels good.

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