The 26 Best Things About Coney Island’s “Seinfeld” Night

These hot dogs are making me thirsty.

On July 5th the Brooklyn Cyclones hosted a Seinfeld tribute night to honor the show’s 25th anniversary. Here are the best parts.

Robert Burrows / BuzzFeed

1. This welcome sign.

Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed

2. The team practicing in puffy shirts.

3. These Seinfeld-themed player profiles.

Robert Burrows / BuzzFeed

4. This Keith Hernandez “Magic Loogie” bobblehead.

5. This taunting sign.

@BKCyclones check out our Seinfeld Night poster!! #GoCyclones

— Katie Bowles (@BKCyclonesGirl)

6. This USPS worker.

Mailmen who came to the game in uniform get in for free. #SeinfeldNight @BKCyclones

— Eric Fisher (@ericfisher)

7. This woman dressed like Elaine.

8. The real Kramer.

9. The Soup Nazi.

Cc: @raford3 RT @AshMarshallMLB: My favorite thing at Seinfeld night at @BKCyclones was the Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas.

— Steve (@SteveinLC)

10. This woman with man hands.

Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed

11. This guy.

12. This woman who wanted a spare square.

Can't make this up... My mom said someone in the stall next to her at the @BKCyclones salute to Seinfeld night asked for toilet paper.

— Lisa (@lchamoff)

13. This wallet-measuring contest.

14. This marble rye-fishing contest.

15. The Junior Mints toss.

Getting ready for the junior mint toss contest at Seinfeld night for the cyclones

— Danny Englander (@denglander)

16. This Elaine-dancing contest.

17. This donation.

18. This Human Fund shirt.

Robert Burrows / BuzzFeed

19. This shirt that should say T-Bone.

There are guys like this here. #SeinfeldNight @bkcyclones

— Eric Fisher (@ericfisher)

20. This shirt about nothing.

21. This Assman.

22. This fan.

23. These fans.

24. And these fans.

Kasia Galazka / BuzzFeed

25. These cereal-eating, clothes-shrinking, knife-and-fork-candy-eating champions.

At @BKCyclones Salute to Seinfeld: Elaine dance-off, cereal eating, USPS workers, shrinking clothes, knife+fork candy

— Ash Marshall (@AshMarshallMLB)

26. This face painter.

Gotta support the team.

NBC / Via

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