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People Are Tweeting At @SCOTUSblog Thinking It's The Supreme Court

And the website is firing back with the best responses.

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SCOTUSblog is a private blog that's dedicated to coverage of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

As the masthead shows, it's run by people who aren't justices — or the court.

But that hasn't stopped people from tweeting their irritation about yesterday's historic ruling at @SCOTUSblog.

Is it just us, or was there a certain anger in the air about today's decisions? Our conversation with the twitterverse, coming up.


So, like it has before, @SCOTUSblog rolled with it and unleashed a series of their best responses.

It’s called Google MT @FarRightofLeft_ @SCOTUSblog - you will be judged and you will be found. #SCOTUSMarriage

More like a really aggressive massage MT @RustyBlissUSA @SCOTUSblog overstepping it's bounds once again to molest the Constitution


Nailed it, right? [highfives, woot!] MT @Wayne952 @SCOTUSblog thanks for the contribution toward the end of America. Great job.

Bro, you know Kennedy be trippin’ MT @NotIansIdea @SCOTUSblog Why. Why you do dis.

Jesus did do the best #hastags MT @GthesrvantofGod The Lord Jesus Christ defined marriage: #1man1woman4life! #Blasphemy

Yes, but only GAY marriage w/ animals MT @GBUmeetup @SCOTUSblog has gone bananas. Next marriage with animals.


You sure? Read it again, genius. MT @pkh7276 @SCOTUSblog Nothing in constitution gives you the right to regulate marriage #fireeveryoneofyou

Careful; you know we administer the death penalty, right? MT @Boo_SamWheat questioning lifetime appointment of @SCOTUSblog judges

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