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17 Reasons Running The Mile In Gym Class Was The Worst

I'll (wheeze) be right (wheeze) there.

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1. Every school year it was inevitable: You had to run the mile in gym class.

Are you there, god? It's me, a helpless teenager.

2. You’d try to finagle your way out through any means necessary.


You weren't above a fake meat-thermometer fever, and if you're a lady, you may have even tried pulling a menses card.


6. If you were out in a field, you were told not to cut corners.

But you did anyway to stay alive.


9. And if it was brisk outside, your nose ran it along with you.

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And betrayed you in such trying times. Some people even get a stuffy nose every single time they run, which as this study points out is common.


16. And you get to pick the trail.

Mmm, crispy.


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