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10 Scientific Reasons To Eat More Pizza

If math and science are wrong, then I don't want to be right.

1. Pizza tossing can save lives.

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Believe it or not, physicists are using the fine art of pizza tossing to design motors thinner than a human hair for brain surgery.

Chefs have perfected the toss of the dough, moving their hands in a circle to achieve maximum efficiency. Scientists studied their movements to design motors mimicking those circles. Except instead of tossing a rotor once a second, the motors toss them a few million times a second.

2. Pizza makes economics less boring.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

According to the Pizza Principle, a loose law proposed by a New York lawyer back in the 1980s, the slice of a pizza has predicted the price of a subway ride since the ‘60s. Whether the parallel is alive is still debated, but pizza’s power as a barometer is indisputable.

3. Pizza's so perfect, it'll be the first food printed in space.


NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and the lucky recipient of the grant's first choice: pizza. A meal fit for an astronaut!

4. Deep-dish pizza may have more antioxidants.


Put a sock in it, Chicago-style antagonists (we’re looking at you, Jon Stewart): Chicago-style pizza can have more antioxidants than other pies because of its oven time and crust size.

Chemists fiddled with whole-wheat pizza crusts and found that longer baking times increased antioxidants up to 60%. Even cooler (or hotter?): Higher oven temperatures upped them by as much as 82%.

5. Pizza helps you absorb lycopene better.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant compound that helps ward off heart disease and other ailments. If you eat lycopene-rich foods together with a small amount of oil or fat (like, say, hot cheese), your intestines absorb more of it!

6. Pizza's components can help with the poops...


Norovirus, or what we often refer to as a stomach bug, is the leading cause of camping out in bathrooms in the U.S. Scientists found that carvacrol, found in oregano oil, can break down the virus.

While no amount of pizza can prevent norovirus (Price Is Right trombone here), scientists are looking into harnessing carvacrol’s power for use as a sanitizer. (The concentrated version of it is intolerable, so don’t even consider it.)

7. ...and make cancer cells commit suicide.

20th Century Fox / Via

Carvacrol can also hack into prostate-cancer cells and reprogram them to kill themselves off, which potentially can be used to help treat prostate cancer.

8. If you're drinking beer, you might as well have a slice.

Flickr: 48735068@N00

“Pizza is loaded with rich stuff, especially cheese,” says Michael Agnew, certified cicerone at A Perfect Pint. “It needs a beverage partner that will scrub all that stuff away. Carbonation and hops do that extraordinarily well.”

For beer fans: He recommends a malty beer like Vienna lager with tomato-based pizzas because the sweetness of the malt soothes the sauce’s acidity. Science!

9. You save money!

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Well, only if you're spending it in the first place. An intrepid pizza fan at NPR's Planet Money plotted over 70,000 pizza prices and found you should always order the larger pizza.

Why? Reach into your cobwebbed math knowledge: The area of a circle increases with the square of the radius, so a 16-inch pizza is four times as big as an 8-inch one!

10. Pizza parties decline as you get older.

USDA / Via

Don't be a statistic. Only you can change the future of pizza consumption.

Sauce angels optional.

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