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    You Can Now Own A Slice Of That Dreamy Pizza Bed

    Order it on Kickstarter and get it delivered.

    This pizza bed, formerly a distant pepperoni dream, is now available on Kickstarter.

    Claire Manganiello / Via

    For a pledge of $100, you can get a twin pizza bed duvet cover, sauce fitted and flat sheets, and two standard crust pillows. For $125, you can get a full/queen, and $150 gets you a king.

    The story: On a cold winter's day, artist Claire Manganiello was holding a warm piece of pizza wishing she could climb inside.

    Claire Manganiello / Via

    After she posted it on her site and it popped up on a few sites, "I decided it was time to make this dream a reality for all my pizza-loving brethren," Manganiello writes on the Kickstarter page.

    Even if you can't shell out for the full pie, you can still get cool pizza stuff, like this handwritten note.

    Claire Manganiello / Via

    Sealed with a greasy pizza kiss!

    Or a selection of 8x10 prints.

    Claire Manganiello / Via

    Now that's a pizza party.

    Or the ultimate pizza topping: a handmade, cross-stitched "Rest in Pizza" pillow.

    Claire Manganiello / Via

    h/t Grubstreet

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