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These Books Can Purify Contaminated Drinking Water

Invented by a chemist, each page of a Drinkable Book can help rid water of deadly diseases.

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A new filter prototype has the potential to revolutionize water purification around the world.


Chemist Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D., invented the paper filters, and in collaboration with WATERisLIFE, hopes to distribute them to their primary sites in Ghana, Kenya, India, and Haiti.

The paper reduces 99.9% of water's bacteria count, which Dankovich says in the promo video is comparable to U.S. tap water.


Microscopic silver particles that kill diseases like cholera, E. coli, and typhoid coat each page along with educational messages about water safety.

The pages cost mere pennies to make, and each page can provide the user with up to 30 days of clean water.


A full book can last up to four years.

You just tear out a filter...


...put the paper into the holder...


...and pour the contaminated water through.


Dankovich recently returned from traveling to northern Ghana to collect field data, where curious crowds in rural villages surrounded them to watch. She writes:

I am delighted that this project has received so much attention and support. It shows tremendous potential to make a positive impact in peoples' lives. I am looking forward to the day we start distributing these Drinkable Books to people who need them.

Watch the Drinkable Book in action below.

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Go to or pAge Drinking Papers to find out how you can donate a book.