These Tiny Paintings For Ants Will Make Your Heart Sing

    They would also go swimmingly with Derek Zoolander's center.

    Artist Lorraine Loots, 29, is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and she makes paintings for ants.

    The paper is a 10-centimeter square, and each miniature can take her between three and seven hours.

    She's made everything from creatures, like sloths... critters like mice.

    She's encapsulated entire nebulas.

    And pastoral scenes from life on Earth.

    At first Loots drew whatever she felt like.

    But as more people booked paintings, suggestions began to filter into Loots' process to make the art more intimate.

    "I wanted to create something people loved as opposed to just creating something for the sake of making something," she says in the video.

    It was hard not to procrastinate, but after a while, it was just no longer an option in her brain.

    Each painting is titled with the day it was made.

    That way each one has a unique name for as long as she continues.

    As the days passed, Loots grew sad knowing the project was coming to a close.

    But there's a twist in the plot: It didn't end.

    And get more about the first 365 project below.