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    18 Things Every Neti Pot User Knows

    Why yes, I would like a tiny miracle in the shape of a gravy boat.

    1. Neti pots irrigate your nasal passages free of debris like pollen and other air garbage.

    Breigh Hammarlund / Creative Commons

    And come as actual pots or as squeeze bottles for those of us who don't trust gravity to do the work.

    2. They're life-changing for allergy sufferers (or anyone with a face).

    Disney / Via

    Nasal rinsing can be effective against colds and sinus infections, too.

    3. But the first time using them isn’t the joy ride this woman wants you to believe they are.

    Step 1: Lock eyes. Step 2: Irrigate face. Step 3: Never feel love again.

    4. Before you do it, the logistics feel a little like this.


    I have to put water into my face? Haven't you ever heard of drowning?

    5. With some hesitation, you put it to your nose and trust everyone who has told you it'll all be OK.


    If I do it gently, I can't die, right?

    6. When the water finally reaches your sinuses, it feels like jumping into a swimming pool without plugging your nose.


    And flashbacks of childhood belly flops temporarily haunt you.

    7. If your nose is completely blocked, you might experience this wonderfully uncomfortable sensation.


    Anatomy is fun!

    8. And all the gunk that's been hibernating in your nose's nooks and crannies comes out.


    (And what feels like bits of your brain.)

    9. But then your face starts to feel free.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    What's this? I can breathe again?

    10. But you know to be careful when you lean over in case some leftover water decides to come out.


    Because anatomy continues to be fun.

    11. Especially if you’re gearing up for some sexytime.

    A seasoned neti pot user knows to pad any human interaction with some time after a sinus rinse in case of a weird unexpected leak.

    12. Sometimes it feels like the nose equivalent of headgear.

    You try not to leave it out for any roommates to see, but just like when you had a retainer, you make no guarantees.

    13. Like with any hygiene, it can be hard to keep up consistently.

    USA Films / Via

    I don’t want to drag distilled water home or boil any, damn it.

    14. And all you want to do is use tap water.

    Fox / Via

    But then news of brain-eating amoeba scares you into watching that pot boil.

    15. Getting the temperature just right can take some time to master.


    Too hot and you're pouring a volcano into your face. Too cold and you feel like you breathed in a Polly Pocket-sized Elsa.

    16. But when you get it right, your face is grateful.


    With some regular rinsing, you might notice your medical bills drop. Plus, nasal irrigation can even be more effective than sprays.

    17. Just be sure to do it in moderation.


    Your body is equipped to deal with invaders (see: mucus and everything else in your body that's gross), so overdoing it can strip your natural defenses.

    18. Deal with it, haters.

    See you on the allergy-less, cold-less side.