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18 Things Every Neti Pot User Knows

Why yes, I would like a tiny miracle in the shape of a gravy boat.

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1. Neti pots irrigate your nasal passages free of debris like pollen and other air garbage.

And come as actual pots or as squeeze bottles for those of us who don't trust gravity to do the work.

3. But the first time using them isn’t the joy ride this woman wants you to believe they are.

Step 1: Lock eyes. Step 2: Irrigate face. Step 3: Never feel love again.

11. Especially if you’re gearing up for some sexytime.

A seasoned neti pot user knows to pad any human interaction with some time after a sinus rinse in case of a weird unexpected leak.

12. Sometimes it feels like the nose equivalent of headgear.

You try not to leave it out for any roommates to see, but just like when you had a retainer, you make no guarantees.

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