What The MythBusters Think About 14 Science Things

    Vaccines? Climate change? Yup.

    MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been making things explode for 13 seasons.

    But we wanted to hear what they think of some of the biggest recent science headlines, from the Jurassic Park sequel to Mercury retrograde.

    Here are 14 of their answers from our lightning round of word association. (Adam's answers are in white, and Jamie's are in yellow.)

    1. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    2. Pluto.

    3. Sending humans to Mars.

    4. Creationism.

    5. The Jurassic Park sequel.

    6. XKCD.com.

    7. Mercury retrograde (and whether or not it has any effect on your actual life).

    8. Climate change.

    9. Naming snowstorms.

    10. Rosetta comet landing.

    11. Vaccines.

    12. Mantis shrimp.

    13. Tardigrades (aka water bears).

    14. Grab bag: kale!

    The season finale airs Saturday, Feb. 14, at 9/8 p.m. CT on the Discovery Channel.