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    15 Mesmerizing GIFs That Will Distract You From Reality

    What's that? You have things to do? Not anymore.

    1. Blink really fast while looking at this.

    2. These dots look like a happy version of a printer test page.

    3. This ball don't quit.

    4. Did you know physics is like scientific magic?

    5. Shapes on shapes on shapes! Wait no, just one shape.

    6. Experience your childhood for eternity.

    7. Sometimes simplicity can have beautiful effects.

    8. This experiment on repeat looks like a strobe light.

    9. Ever play this on your TI-84? Yeah, but did you win?

    10. This one's a bit reminiscent of mod opening credits.

    11. This one's like stepping into a kaleidoscope.

    12. This one might trigger flashbacks to napping through geometry.

    13. This one almost hurts.

    14. Who knew rotating triangles can make something this cool?

    15. This just seems like a wheel happily puttering within a wheel.

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