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Jane Goodall Used To Have A Crush On Tarzan, And Other Tidbits From A Lost Interview

Goodall is known for her work with primates. But did you know she hopes Bigfoot is real?

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English anthropologist Jane Goodall is famous for her extensive research on chimpanzees.

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When she was 26, she left home and arrived in what is now Tanzania, armed for research with nothing more than binoculars and a notebook.

In a new episode of Blank on Blank, a show that reimagines lost interviews, Goodall recounts how she got her start.

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When speaking with Science Friday's Ira Flatow more than a decade ago, Goodall details her love of Tarzan when she was around 10 — and how envious she was of Jane.

After reading The Story of Dr. Dolittle, she wanted to move to Africa to live with animals and write books about them.

Listen to the full interview below.