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Does Anyone Know What The Moon Is?

Isaac Mizrahi and a QVC host re-opened this controversial hot topic: What is that thing in the sky?

Designer Isaac Mizrahi got into a quibble with QVC host Shawn Killinger about whether the moon is a star or planet.

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The dialogue:

Shawn Killinger: It almost kind of looks like what the Earth looks like when you're a bazillion miles away from the planet moon.

Isaac Mizrahi: Yes. Yes! I just squinted at it. From the planet moon. From the planet moon.

Killinger: Isn't the moon a star?

Mizrahi: No, the moon is a planet, darling.

Killinger: The sun is a star. Is the moon really a planet?

Mizrahi: The moon is a planet.

And so we turn to you:

  1. What is the moon?

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What is the moon?
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    A planet
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    A star
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    The moon, duh

Guess we'll never know. (Hint: It's a moon, also referred to as a satellite.)

h/t The Daily Dot

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