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New Sega Arcade Game Is A Better Version Of Our Childhoods

If you've never been able to build a proper sandcastle, now might be your chance.

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Japanese gamemakers at Sega have revealed a new interactive sand arcade game you can really dig your hands into.

Sega / Via

As shown in the video below, the machine reads the moldable grains and projects images onto the sand. It's currently only available in Japan.

Made with kinetic sand, it doesn't leave your hands wet or sticky like real sand does.

Sega / Via

Meaning you won't find it in places the sun doesn't shine, like after a trip to the beach. Similar sand is available for purchase here and here.

It's reminiscent of the Xbox Kinect sandbox two students in the Czech Republic created a few years ago. / Via

As Engadget reported, the projections would reflect the topography: Troughs would be filled with digital water, and the hills were different shades of green depending on their heights. (You can watch the demonstration here.)

Watch the clip (in Japanese) below.

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h/t BBC News