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    Dec 19, 2014

    Here's How Your Sex Life Compares To Everyone Else's

    Fantasizing, cheating, and all of your racy results that you didn't post with the share button.

    This month we asked you about your sex lives.

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    Here are the top three answers to all of the ~*sexy*~ questions.


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    How people define sex varied a lot. At 35%, oral and any kind of penetration were the most accepted as what qualifies as sexytime.

    Jerry Seinfeld's declaration about it being sex if a nipple is out, however, garnered a measly 3%. Sorry, Jerry. 😕


    The majority of you have gotten it on.


    And while 62% of y'all have sex on the mind almost daily, almost a quarter only think of it sometimes.

    Meanwhile, 15% of you would have to duck to get through doors with that thought bubble hovering over you all the time.


    Turns out most words for "sex" gross you out, including "coitus," "lovemaking," "copulation," "nookie," and "fornication" (though "coitus" won out by a small margin).*

    Somehow a quarter of respondents have skin that doesn't crawl when they hear them, which, kudos.

    *Editor's note: As one reader pointed out, "porking" should have been included in the options. We are very sorry for this egregious omission.


    About 45% of you can count the number of partners on one hand, and 34% of you can count your partners and your hands and toes.


    Congrats! (Cues the Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex.")


    About a quarter of you stick to boinking when you're in a relationship.


    Most of you keep it hot and get it on every week (though 9% keep it hot and get it on more than seven times a week, which deserves its own accolades).


    We don't know whether we should tsk tsk or applaud.


    Surprisingly, a third of those polled just aren't that into robot help in the bedroom. Another third is totally willing, and 23% haven't tried anything raunchier than an added appendage.


    You'll do it anywhere: outside, in movie theaters, and in bathrooms. But 21% of responders just prefer the coziness of a bedroom.


    About 65% have never or rarely let their minds drift, and about 30% have done it once in a while. Only 5% admit to doing it most of the time.


    More than half of you give yourselves the low high-five regularly.


    You're most likely not against some kink.


    More than half also are perfectly content with how many partners they've had. (Aww.) Only a quarter of those polled had a few regrets.


    Only 10% save it for marriage.


    While about half have never done it or only thought about it, (moral compass alert) the rest of you really need to start breaking up with people first.


    Just be sure to have a good friend to wipe your browser in case of emergency.


    Almost 70% think it's much too scary to actually do or would just never do it, but 19% of you are into it.


    The good news is a third of you are totally pleased. Almost 20% are channeling Macaulay Culkin, and 13% of you Fast and Furious fans might want to think about adding some foreplay.

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