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Here's How Your Sex Life Compares To Everyone Else's

Fantasizing, cheating, and all of your racy results that you didn't post with the share button.

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Graphics by Jenny Chang

How people define sex varied a lot. At 35%, oral and any kind of penetration were the most accepted as what qualifies as sexytime.

Jerry Seinfeld's declaration about it being sex if a nipple is out, however, garnered a measly 3%. Sorry, Jerry. 😕


And while 62% of y'all have sex on the mind almost daily, almost a quarter only think of it sometimes.

Meanwhile, 15% of you would have to duck to get through doors with that thought bubble hovering over you all the time.



Turns out most words for "sex" gross you out, including "coitus," "lovemaking," "copulation," "nookie," and "fornication" (though "coitus" won out by a small margin).*

Somehow a quarter of respondents have skin that doesn't crawl when they hear them, which, kudos.

*Editor's note: As one reader pointed out, "porking" should have been included in the options. We are very sorry for this egregious omission.