How The Universe Will Die

You’ve heard about the Big Bang. But how will everything as we know it end?

Since its birth, the universe has been expanding, and the rate of its expansion is accelerating.

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What does this mean for the future of space? This video from Munich-based information designers Kurzgesagt (German for “in short”) illustrates how the universe might meet its demise.

Here are three theories:

1. The Big Rip

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Space expands so fast, gravity can’t handle it and galaxies tear apart.

2. Heat Death/A Big Freeze

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As the universe expands more and more, matter slowly decays until star-forming gas clouds dissipate and stars slowly extinguish. The universe halts and everything is dead forever.

3. Big Crunch and Big Bounce

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The universe’s expansion slows down until it stops. Then it reverses and everything merges and heats up so hot that even stars are cooked until a supermassive black hole eats all of the things.

The most optimistic of the theories, the Big Bounce suggests the universe has been through this before and will continue to go through an infinite cycle of expansion and contraction.

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